Data102 Acquires Local Web Hosting Company

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Colorado datacenter Data102 announced today that they have acquired Icyshout, a growing Colorado Springswebsite hosting company. Icyshout provides hosting for websites, email, streaming radio services and virtual private servers (VPS). Icyshout has a well-established reputation for superior web hosting services and an expanding customer base that stands to benefit from this acquisition.

"We are really excited to bring Icyshout into the fold and to use our scale and expertise to really take these services to the next level," said Randal Kohutek, VP Operations at Data102.

The combination of Data102 and Icyshout creates a powerful resource for companies in need of hosted IT services in the Colorado Springs and Front Range area.

"Existing Icyshout customers have good reason to be excited about this merger" says Travis Taylor, Icyshout President. "Data102 has invested in building a powerful virtualization and hosting infrastructure, which will offer improved performance, faster load times, and 100% uptime availability.  Our customers also benefit from Data102's deep technical knowledge and broad support coverage. It's also important to point out that our customers will not experience any interruption of service or pricing increases as a result of this transition."

The acquisition expands Data102's services and customer base, solidifying its position as a leading technology company in Colorado Springs. Data102 and Icyshout are able to consolidate resources and platforms, boosting profit and productivity.

"The acquisition is win-win-win for Icyshout, Data102, and our customers," Taylor added.

About Data102

Data102 is a Colorado datacenter and IT services provider. The company offers products and services such as hosting, collocation, voip, and cloud services. The team at Data102 is proud to be able to deliver affordability, reliability, and flexibility, matched with an unparalleled level of customer service. For more information about Data102, visit

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Colorado Datacenter Expands Cloud Services

Data102 Cloud Services

New Virtual Private Server Platform a Boon for Colorado Springs Businesses

Data102 Cloud ServicesData102 announced today the release of a new virtual private server (VPS) platform, the latest in a series of cloud innovations now being made available to customers in Colorado and throughout the globe. The new cloud VPS service features dramatically improved hardware, increased storage, a customer-friendly management application, and straight-forward online ordering.

“The performance of our new VPS platform is orders of magnitude greater than our previous system,” said Travis Taylor, Vice President of Business Development at Data102. “Our customers will see the difference.”

A VPS is a cloud-based computer that shares resources to maximize efficiency, guarantee uptime, and reduce costs. Cloud virtual private servers provide a month-to-month, low-cost, hassle-free option for small and medium sized businesses looking to avoid the high startup costs and maintenance required by traditional dedicated servers. Customers retain full access and control of their virtual server without the burden of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware. Data102 maintains the virtual private servers in its downtown Colorado Springs data center, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their systems are guaranteed to stay online and available 24/7/365.

With Data102’s new online portal, customers can have a virtual machine built and ready to go in mere minutes. Term contracts are not required, and upgrades are instantaneous. A VPS with Data102 provides all of the functionality of a traditional server without the cost or hassle. For these reasons, many small businesses have found cloud virtual private servers from Data102 to be the perfect solution to meet their IT needs.

Customers will notice a dramatic difference between traditional Virtual Private Servers and the new all-SSD platform provided by Data102. Each Cloud VPS from Data102 utilizes a 40gbps network to connect each server to the high speed, protected storage.

The new VPS offering from Data102 runs on Linux well-known KVM virtualization and takes advantage of the feature rich OnApp orchestration platform. OnApp allows for the automatic provisioning of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems and provides users with an easy to use HTML5 console interface. These vast improvements in performance, access, and online account management make Data102’s virtual private server platform the ideal solution for all of Colorado Springs’ small businesses.

“We’re not stopping there,” said Taylor. “We already have plans in place to add additional cloud services to complement our VPS platform in the coming months. Cloud technology is improving all the time, so we are working hard to stay ahead of the pack.”

About Data102

Data102 is a Colorado Springs IT services provider and datacenter. The company offers products and services such as Co-Location, Virtual Private Servers, Website Hosting, VoIP Hosted Handsets, and Internet Bandwidth. The team at Data102 is proud to be able to deliver affordability, reliability and flexibility backed by unparalleled customer service. For more information about Data102 LLC, please visit


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Don’t Blink – SSD Powered VPS Hosting is Fast

SSD image

SSD image

Do you have a website getting trampled by high-traffic? Would you like to see an improvement in performance? An upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the power of solid state drives (SSD) can deliver the scalability and speed you need. SSDs were developed for a demanding environment, but how do you know you’re getting the resources you’re paying for? With a long history of providing hosting solutions, Data102 knows that high standards and good value matter to customers. Built to perform, Data102’s VPS service offers customizable and scalable resources as well as an ever-growing list of add-ons to help you succeed.


Why Solid State Drives?

An upgrade to SSD technology seemed inevitable because of its incomparable speed and dependability. It’s for just that reason that they are perfect for hosting content-heavy websites, even when they attract large volumes of traffic. Conventional hard drives are limited by their spinning disks, which can’t compete with the solid drive’s immediate data transfer. IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) often exceed 40,000 per node, which translates to less than 0.05 millisecond disk latency. To give you an idea of what that means: according to the Harvard Database of Useful Biological Numbers it takes 100-400 millisecond to blink!

A Smorgasbord of Hosting Features

Our SSD VPS plans offer extensive features and add-ons, including:


  • Instant upgrades
  • Choice of operating systems
  • 10 Gbps networking
  • Root access
  • Client dashboard
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring
  • Backups
  • cPanel
  • PFSense firewall
  • …and MORE!


Built to Perform

VPS hosting can feel more like a dedicated server with the ability to perform (brilliantly) under any workload. It’s our desire to provide you or your IT staff with the best tools available today. Online ordering, automatic provisioning and scalable resources are an added convenience as you reap the benefits of our SSD powered VPS hosting service. Protected storage, multi-carrier bandwidth and redundant power supplies are all standard and bring even more performance, as well as 100% uptime. Check out our Virtual Private Server page to learn more!



What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Colocate at Data102

Finding Colocation Information

Looking to Colocate at Data102

When you are ready to colocate with Data102, it can be tough to know where to start and what information you should gather. This article will explain some of the general aspects of colocating at our datacenter and some helpful information that you may not have considered.

Anyone interested in our colocation can contact us by phone, email, or online live chat and request information and pricing for our colocation services. In order to put a quote together for you we’ll need your contact information, including your name, telephone number and email address. To give you accurate pricing we’ll also need to know some specifics such as your rack space, power and bandwidth requirements.

Rack Space Requirements

How many rack units (RU or U) does all of your equipment need? You can start with as little as 2U and as many as multiple 42U cabinets (Full cabinets). A single U is about the height of a pizza box (1 3/4”). Count the number of server U your servers are currently occupying to estimate your RU requirements. Keep in mind that most cabinets will run out of available power before running out of available space. Also, do not forget to account for switching and firewalls, as well as any out-of-band equipment such as a KVM, and the necessary cable management.

Do you have server rails?

In order to install your servers you must provide the necessary server rails or shelving. Our cabinet rack mounts are “square peg” and will accommodate most “universal” mounting rails. While we do not provide rails for you, we can provide shelves for a one-time fee if we were given advanced notice of your request. Please let your sales person know as early as possible if you would like us to provide shelving.

Power Requirements

How much power will your equipment require? We offer 110V (AC) power, as well as 208/220V (AC) single and three phase power, and 48V (DC) power. In order to find out your power requirements, it’s best to start by checking your server labels for the maximum power usage in Amps and the recommended voltage. Manufacturers will also commonly have that information available for each model online. If your servers are currently plugged into a metered PDU, the usage will be displayed on the PDU’s screen. This information allows you to verify the aggregate load on that circuit or phase. There are also clamp-on power meters that you can use to get an estimated reading of your power draw. Typically, each 2U server will use about 2 Amps of 110V power. If you need assistance evaluating your power requirements please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you basic guidance on process.

Bandwidth Requirements

How much bandwidth will you need? Bandwidth services increment from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps and can be purchased in bulk for a discount. We offer this service in both a capped and 95th% configurations. Capped bandwidth is limited to a particular speed of your choosing and will not go beyond that speed. 95th% allows your bandwidth to burst up to the maximum line speed of your port i.e. 100, 1000, or 10000 Mbps. When billing for 95th% bandwidth, we find the top 5% of your usage, typically all brief spikes of high traffic, and disregard them. Then we find your next highest burst and use that to set the overage amount. Overage charges will be prevented if you request capped bandwidth, but this may cause slower overall speeds and increased latency during periods of high usage. Initially committing to 1 Mbps of 95th percentile, burstable bandwidth on a 100 Mbps connection is advisable since we can easily increase your commitment or cap your speeds at any point. On average the majority of colocation customers require less than 100 Mbps speeds delivered to their cabinet.

To find out how much bandwidth you should purchase, you can use your current service provider’s bandwidth graph. Sometimes they’ll provide bandwidth monitoring through an online customer portal. If that’s not an option, you may be able to ask their support department for your average bandwidth speeds for a specified date range.

After you have purchased bandwidth from Data102, we will provide you with bandwidth monitoring in order to view your usage in real time through our customer portal. We can provide 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps port speeds as well as secondary or redundant (HSRP) internet connections at your request.

Contract Requirements

To send you a Contract agreement we will need to know the following information:

  • List of Contacts to be listed on your account
    • The “Authorized” contact(s) name, email, and phone number.
    • The “Technical” contact(s) name, email, and phone number.
    • The “Billing” contact(s) name, email, and phone number.
  • Effective Date
    • The date you would like your service(s) to begin.
  • Initial Term
    • 1 Year, 2 year, 3 year, or custom term. A 2 or 3 year initial term is a great way to lock in a discounted monthly cost!

Our contract agreements contain information regarding appropriate datacenter conduct, your minimum insurance requirements, billing disputes and other similar important information. Make sure you fully understand the attached agreements and pricing. Any questions or concerns should be communicated to your sales person before you sign them. Once both parties agree to the terms of the contract, you can electronically sign off on your quote and attached contract agreements. Your electronic acceptance will automatically generate a sales order in our system.

What to Expect AFTER You Sign Up

Our first step is to setup your account inside our convenient customer portal. Early on we will add the contacts you have given us to your account. These contacts will receive their login credentials in clear text in their email. They will also be granted limited permissions, based on their role (Authorized, Technical, or Billing), inside our client portal. It is of paramount importance that you reset your portal password as soon as is possible.

After your account is established in the customer portal our technicians will begin the process of preparing your colocation space to include your power and bandwidth. You will receive email notifications at each step of the process. Such notifications will include information regarding your assigned cabinet location in the datacenter, the IPs allocated for your use, and when setup is complete and your space is ready for you to move into. If the technicians encounter any issues along the way they will reach out to you promptly.

Now that you are ready to bring your equipment to the datacenter, have your photo ID ready so we can provide your access badges and keys. Temporary access badges are provided to those with less than 1/2 cabinet colocation during regular business hours. If you will need assistance with your installation please let your sales person know as early in sales process as possible.

Can I Ship My Equipment To The Datacenter?

Yes, we will accept shipments on your behalf and store them in a secure location until you move in.

If you cannot make it to the datacenter yourself and would like our technicians to install your equipment for you that can also be arranged. Please talk to your sales person during the sales process for more information.

What Else Am I Missing?

There are some convenient add-ons you might also consider, such as device monitoring, switched PDUs – which allow you to reboot your servers remotely, or an anti-SPAM email firewall service. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, contact our sales department at


Data102 Unveils New Customer-Focused Website

Data102 Website

Colorado Springs leading datacenter adds functionality to a modern design

Data102.comData102 launched a new website today, which combines modern design principles with increased functionality. The website is the latest step taken by Data102 over the last year to provide even better customer service and meet the needs of their expanding customer base.

“We’re really excited about the new site,” said Travis Taylor, Director of Business Development. “We have no doubt that the fresh look and additional functionality will please all of our clients, both current and future.”

Existing customers will benefit from the revamped customer portal, extensive knowledgebase, and easy navigation. New clients can order virtual private servers and phone services through an online shopping cart. The site is also mobile-friendly, meeting the needs of busy clients on the go.

In the last 12 months, Data102 has peered with multiple content carriers such as Netflix and has established a direct connection with Apple services including iTunes and iCloud to improve overall content transfer speeds. Their Colorado datacenter also maintains SSAE 16 Type II certification, assuring customers that Data102’s facilities meet and exceed industry security standards. The website carries their momentum as Data102 continues to expand its operation in southern Colorado.

“We’re confident,” said Taylor, “that these improvements are reinforcing our position as southern Colorado’s best cloud hosting provider.”

About Data102

Data102 is a Colorado Springs cloud IT services provider and datacenter. The company is proud to be able to offer products and services such as VoIP Hosted Handsets, Virtual Private Servers, Collocation and Bandwidth. The team at Data102 is proud to be able to deliver affordability, reliability and flexibility, as well as an unparalleled level of customer service. For more information about Data102 LLC, visit


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Available Openings!

Customer Service Technician

About the Job

Customer Support Technician I


At Data102, we take customer service and rockstar support to heart. It is the #1 thing that we offer to our customers, above products and bits and bytes – service is everything. If you’re reading this, you may have heard that Data102 is pretty much the best place to work ever. Oh, you haven’t? Let’s dig in.


Words can’t describe how killer this position is. A CST is an all-encompassing role. The front-line, ace-in-the-hole, knows-it-all. A CST has great critical thinking skills, can detect a customer’s problem before the phone rings and knows how to kick it when the time is right. A CST recognizes and treats a customer as a friend and a partner. A CST is flexible and will be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means stepping outside of typical duties to make things right, and it means expanding your horizons with new technologies, 24/7.



Job Responsibilities

  • Make friends with customers on the phone, troubleshoot their issues and keep them engaged.
  • Collaborate on projects/problems/solutions/designs with coworkers
  • Follow up on issues via e-mail, ticketing system, phone calls and chat interfaces with our customers.
  • Escalate the hard-core stuff as necessary to technically experienced teammates, and follow up to learn for the next time that issue comes around.

Cool things you’ll get to do

  • Work with cutting edge technology in the virtualization field
  • Learn all about the ins & outs of cloud hosting everything
  • Become a VoIP ninja
  • Become a competent Linux sysadmin
  • Spend a lot of time investigating interesting tools & technologies
  • Have a say and participate in product & process development

Job Requirements

There is no such thing as a perfect employee, but, we all try! We value attitude and heart above all things, but here are some things that will make you stand out.

  • Previous technical experience, *especially* if you have any Linux experience (self-taught is OK!)
  • Understanding how IPs, Email, & Websites work, and being able to explain it to a 5 year old ELI5.
  • Helpdesk & ticketing experience a plus.
  • Ability and desire to learn, adapt, and grow. Like a mongoose. But faster.

Superior Access Control

Security FootageSecurity at a datacenter can’t be an afterthought. With tens of millions of dollars of equipment and countless transactions and secure connections being made throughout the day, a responsible datacenter must have first-rate access control systems in place. Security must be made a priority, which has led us to invest in state-of-the-art access control systems in addition to more traditional security measures.

Cisco Physical Access Manager (CPAM)

The datacenter is only accessible with an encoded badge that is monitored by a system called Cisco Physical Access Manager (CPAM). The HID badges we use are encoded with our employees’, clients’, and contractors’ information, then catalogued, monitored, and regularly audited. When a badge is issued, it is given a “time to live”—a pre-specified period of time that the badge will be active—after which the badge’s credentials will no longer work unless a datacenter access control employee reauthorizes them.

A database is kept of every active badge and is regularly audited to ensure that only currently authorized clients and employees have access to the colocation facility. The system tracks the time of each entry and exit into the building and the datacenter so any suspicious activity can be flagged. While the badges do give authorized personnel access to their equipment in the datacenter, some areas of the facility are still not accessible to every badge holder. CPAM and HID technology allows us to grant access to those who need it, such as specific datacenter employees, without compromising the security of the datacenter.

Other Security Measures

Norwood Security provides our datacenter with an added layer of protection. Security guards walk the premises every hour to make sure there haven’t been any security breaches. In addition, security cameras closely monitor every inch of the datacenter.

Your Servers Are in Good Hands

A datacenter has two primary roles: to keep servers running at all times and to keep them safe. Data102 takes both roles seriously, which is why we have layers of protection in place. Set up a time with us to see our state-of-the-art datacenter and discuss our colocation and managed services.