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DirectMX is a secure, hosted email firewall and spam filtering service that can be setup and protecting your inbox in minutes. There's no hardware or software to install – so it’s a snap to deploy. Sign up, change your MX record, and just like that, you're protected!

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Defend your inbox

Defend Your Inbox

Filter out viruses, malware, and phishing attempts from your email before they get to your inbox. Don't become a victim, use DirectMX to filter out the dangerous email that is all too common today.

Email Archiving

Archive your life. Stay Compliant.

Optional integrated email archiving provides a disaster recovery solution, as well as meeting compliance requirements.

95th percentile billing

Increase Productivity

Tired of receiving unwanted advertisements, SPAM, and other erroneous solicitations? DirectMX will make sure that only the emails you want to see will make it into your inbox.

Easy to use web portal

Easy to use!

DirectMX provides user controlled whitelists and blacklists, and intuitive high, medium ,or low filtering options for ease of use. We also include an expert interface for advanced, granular control over the filtering service.

Protect your email investment

Protect your investment

You have already put time and money into your email solution, now protect it with DirectMX. No need for your server to be crippled by load, or to be inflexible - DirectMX has you covered.

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Add DirectMX SPAM filtration to the following services:

DirectMX Email Firewall Features

Data102's DirecMX Email firewall has all the features that you need to keep your inbox free of SPAM and other Malicious email. Take a look a the features listed below to see how our SPAM protection can help your businesses inboxes today!

stops spam and viruses from hitting your inbox

Block Spam & Viruses

DirectMX stops spam in its tracks, and prevents it from clogging your inbox, with a ridiculously high match percentage and no false positives.

LDAP Integration

LDAP Integration

DirectMX optionally integrates with your LDAP or Active Directory server for delivery details, authentication and more!

POP & IMAP integration

POP+IMAP Integration

DirectMX can interoperate directly with your existing hosted or premises POP3 or IMAP4 server for account details, authentication and more!

User Quarantine

Per-User Quarantine

Each user gets their own quarantine, and you can setup multiple addresses to funnel into a single quarantine.

quarantine and email reporting

Quarantine Report

Get a complete summary of your quarantine every day, on your schedule - one-stop to review all your spam for any messages you may want - instantly delivered.

per User spam rules and settings

Per-User Settings

Each user can tune their own quarantine, and setup their own SPAM rules, ratings, or thresholds for delivery.

Outbound email relay with spam and virus scanning

Outbound Relay+Scan

We can optionally relay your outbound email to prevent your network from sending SPAM or viruses, ensuring your customers receive clean messages.

Screen outbound mail for content

Outbound Screening

Our optional outbound relay service can screen and flag your email for SSN, Credit Card, and other confidential information, ensuring industry compliance.

Email archiving and continuity

Archiving & Continuity

We can optionally archive all of your email, and provide you continuity of service via a web portal. Meet industry compliance and uptime criteria in one stroke.

Redundant architecture for uptime

Highly Redundant

Built on our cloud platform, DirectMX features unparalleled uptime and availability, ensuring that your email flows smoothly and promptly.

Saves administrator and end user time eveyr day

Saves Time

Prevent your employees from spending hours every week poring through their inbox - and save admins tons of time from administering a farm. DirectMX does it!

easy to use, powerful administration interface

Powerful Administration

DirectMX offers a very powerful, hierarchical approach to administration, allowing for easy, inheritable administration, fast event searching and more.

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