Our Story


Data102's mission is to facilitate the success of Local, Regional, and National organizations by providing turn-key Internet and IT solutions designed to meet our customer's changing needs.

Optimum Network Services was founded in 1997 as a result of the telecom consolidation of the late '90s. ONS started as an idea, a lease on small datacenter space, and no customers, but grew readily and steadily. In 2004 ONS brought on some new staff, and in early 2006 Auctoris Holdings purchased ONS and a new era began.

Since 2006, ONS experienced substantial changes. We became Data102 in 2008 to more accurately reflect what we do - data - and where we do it - 102 South Tejon. Holding to its roots, Data102 has continued to grow at a strong pace expanding its existing facility, opening a second colocation space, and then executing another expansion in the primary facility. Data102 has successfully transitioned from a legacy telco remnant into the region's leading enterprise colocation and managed services provider.


Customer Service & Relationships are the foundation and the source of longevity of Data102. We believe that building strong partnerships is the only way to be truly successful at any business venture, and we strive to make sure that every interaction we have with our customers reflects this.

When our Customers win, we win. A simple mantra, but critical to our success. When our customers do well, we benefit. When we do well, our customers benefit. By ensuring that our customers are consistently getting the results they need, we all succeed.

Management Team

David Payne is the President and CEO of Auctoris, Data102's parent. From humble beginnings at a local family owned automotive service center, David has developed broad hands-on understanding of businesses and a strong management skillset. With those skills and an appreciation for detail, he has created and scaled several companies, including those in the Auctoris family. David is very active in his faith and spends a large amount of his personal time helping others in the community. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys learning as an activity in itself. He has been interested in anything with a motor since before he could walk, and continues that pursuit avidly. David also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his high school sweetheart and wife.

Travis Taylor serves as the VP of Business Development for Auctoris. He contributes to the development and refinement of the company's vision and strategy, and is heavily involved in policy/process management and corporate decision making, and ensures the maximization of Auctoris’ short, medium, and long term profitability. He has been working with Auctoris since 2007. During this time he has held the position of salesman, sales manager and VP of Business Development. He enjoys cooking, good humor, great scotch, traveling, and raising chickens.

Randal Kohutek serves as the VP of Operations for Auctoris and oversees all technical aspects of the organization. He has been working in the computer and technology industry for 15 years, and has been with Data102 in various capacities since 2004. In his free time he likes to fish, ride his motorcycle, give his wife & children a hard time, cook, and travel.