Icyshout is joining Data102!

Yep, you heard right! As of November 15th, 2015, Icyshout is joining forces with Data102 to bring the front range the best in web, email, and streaming hosting!

Icyshout and Data102 have long worked close together, and we have several duplicated backend systems. By joining forces, we get to merge these systems together and prevent the split-brain problem. Also, we get to merge our resources together. This means great things for both our customers and our staff - better support, better systems, better service.

Questions and Answers


Q: What does this joining of forces mean for me?

A: Since the beginning, Icyshout and Data102 have worked very closely together - sharing staff and resources. It will be the same people, same friendly atmosphere -- but backed by better service and better coverage. Data102 has also invested in some powerful hardware, and over the next few months everybody will get more performance, faster load times, and more stability! And we'll do all the work. Win-Win!

Q: How do I get ahold of Icyshout/Data102?

A: Our phone number will connect you straight to the same staff you've always talked to, and our support addresses will forward to the Data102 system, so everything will work as it always has.

Q: How do I get to the new customer portal? Does it do everything?

A: You can log into Data102's customer portal by visiting https://secure.data102.com/ - your username is the same, although you may need to reset your password. To do so, give us a ring or use the password reset functionality. The Data102 portal does /everything/ and is very comprehensive - not just invoicing + support, but also total service management.

Q: What happened to my old invoices / support tickets?

A: All of the paid Icyshout invoices and support tickets are safely archived for reference on the old portal. Don't worry, we have the data, but we chose to not import everything into Data102's system due to overlapping data. If you still have an outstanding Icyshout invoice, they can be paid via the Icyshout portal until December 1st.

Q: What does Data102 do that Icyshout didn't?

A: Just like Icyshout, Data102 does website and email hosting, domain registrations, directmx email filtering, and SSL certificates. But Data102 has some killer other services: chief among them, Data102's Virtual Private Server (VPS) product is brand new and very powerful. Data102 also offers cloud backups, VoIP Phone Service, and colocation+bandwidth.

Still have questions?

If you need more information, have questions, concerns, or just want to get high5'd over the phone, please give us a call at 719-387-0000, or email us at support@icyshout.com.


Phone: 866-328-2102 / 719-387-0000
Email: cloudsupport@data102.com

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