Blazing Fast Multi-Homed Bandwidth

Our premium blended bandwidth is the difference between 100% up-time and disruptive outages. We blend the top IP carriers together to provide you with a stable, redundant, and extremely fast service that is 10 Gbps ready. Our IPv6 enabled, multi-provider bandwidth gives your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages by automatically adapting to changes in the Internet. This premium network connectivity seamlessly integrates with all of our services, and is a key feature of our colocation, last mile and VPS services.

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100% Uptime!

An SLA we live by

We guarantee our network will be up and running 100% of the time or your money back.

10 gigabit everywhere

Faster than Radagast

Get up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth connectivity delivered directly to your cabinet. Redundant HSRP connections are also available.

95th percentile billing


Need more bandwidth from time to time but don't want to pay a premium for it? Our burstable bandwidth option allows you to commit to less bandwidth without restricting your ability to serve up content.

Content Distribution Network

Distributed Customers? Distributed Content.

Want to speed up your website? You can augment your bandwidth with our CDN services to improve access speeds world wide. Contact us to learn more about our CDN services!


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Internet Transit - Tier 1, Top 10 Providers

Data102's Dedicated Internet Service is incredibly fast and well connected due to our direct links to high quality Tier-1 and backbone Internet providers. This ensures the highest quality, lowest latency, and most reliable service in southern Colorado.

We also have planned our bandwidth to have multiple exits through Colorado Springs, Denver, New Mexico and Chicago to make our network as resilient as possible.


Unite Private Networks





Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric

TW Telecom




Direct Peering with the Biggest Content Providers

We maintain a variety of direct peering connections to make sure that our customers have direct access to the networks that users want to get to. Our private peering partners include:


Internet Exchange Connections

Data102 peers on both the Denver Any2 exchange and on the Los Angeles Any2 exchange at One Wilshire. This affords us the ability to turn-up private peering with high-volume networks quickly, and with 10gbps links, provides plenty of capacity for growth.

Data102 also is a central point for peering in Southern Colorado, and our customers include ISPs and end customers alike. We like to call our own network the Pikes Peak Internet eXchange, and and as our network grows, the value to newcomers increases.

any2 LA
any2 denver

The Best SLA and Guarantee in Southern Colorado!

Data102 offers the best Internet service in Colorado, and our SLA shows it: 100% x 10. We believe in our network so much that we confidently offer a 10x refund for any failures, and we put it in writing.

  • 100% Uptime

  • 0% Packet Loss

  • <10msec Latency

  • Or 10x your money back!

*For every one hour of experienced downtime, Data102 will credit you 10x the amount paid for the impacted service period, e.g. a 2 hour outage receives a 20 hour credit.