Reliable Connectivity For Your Business

We know that reliable Internet connectivity is critical to every business. That is why we offer an SLA guaranteed, Internet service via T1's and Metro Optical Ethernet, as well as a private layer-2 transport service. Data102 is on-net with several Internet providers and has the unique ability to provide point-to-point connections between your business and our Datacenter. We also offer affordable layer-2 transport between Colorado Springs and Denver. Let us send you a quote for last mile service today!

Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QOS)

Integrated Quality of Service ensures that your most vital data always gets priority on your connection. Surf the web & take VoIP calls without degrading quality, and eliminate jitter, drops & stutters. Available on all T1 & Metro Ethernet services!

Premium Internet

Premium Connectivity

Last mile connectivity is powered by our DataDirect Internet service, with multiple Tier 1 backbone providers, exchanges and private peers. Redundancy, improved latency and higher performance when compared to traditional single-provider service.

We Support Network Neutrality

Net neutral

Freedom of speech. We understand that an open Internet is critical for innovation. We promise to treat all data equally. We refuse to discrimite or charge a fee based on user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

Many Options

Connectivity Options

Data102 partners with many vendors to bring you connectivity. With options like Metro Ethernet, NxT1, Wireless, xDSL we are sure to have a solution for you. Contact us today to get started!

Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE)

Metro Optical Ethernet is a copper or fiber optic alternative to traditional Internet connections. Starting at 3 mbps with the capability to deliver up to 1000 mbps, Metro Optical Ethernet is the fastest internet connection available. Our Metro Optical Ethernet service connects your place of business to the Data102 datacenter where your traffic takes advantage of our multi-homed Internet access, and enjoys on-net connectivity to all of our services, including colocation, cloud and voice offerings.

Connection options:

  • Copper (3Mbps - 20Mbps)
  • Fiber (3Mbps - 1000Mbps)

QOS can be added to this service for an additional monthly charge to ensure that your critical data always gets priority on the wire.

T1 & TDM

Our T1s are direct, point-to-point connections, from your business to our Colorado Springs datacenter. We control both ends of the connection to ensure your link is stable and secure. This also allows you to create hub-and-spoke style configurations between the datacenter and your local offices. Our T1's are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure 100% network availability.

Connection options:

  • T1
  • DS3 and OC-N

In the same fashion as our T1 service, we also offer much larger DS and OC style connections. These connections are the right solution for anyone in need of large, channelized Internet access. Alternatively, if you are looking for large, Ethernet style connectivity, have a look at our Metro optical Ethernet service.

QOS is available for this service at no additional cost.

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