Superior Access Control

Security FootageSecurity at a datacenter can’t be an afterthought. With tens of millions of dollars of equipment and countless transactions and secure connections being made throughout the day, a responsible datacenter must have first-rate access control systems in place. Security must be made a priority, which has led us to invest in state-of-the-art access control systems in addition to more traditional security measures.

Cisco Physical Access Manager (CPAM)

The datacenter is only accessible with an encoded badge that is monitored by a system called Cisco Physical Access Manager (CPAM). The HID badges we use are encoded with our employees’, clients’, and contractors’ information, then catalogued, monitored, and regularly audited. When a badge is issued, it is given a “time to live”—a pre-specified period of time that the badge will be active—after which the badge’s credentials will no longer work unless a datacenter access control employee reauthorizes them.

A database is kept of every active badge and is regularly audited to ensure that only currently authorized clients and employees have access to the colocation facility. The system tracks the time of each entry and exit into the building and the datacenter so any suspicious activity can be flagged. While the badges do give authorized personnel access to their equipment in the datacenter, some areas of the facility are still not accessible to every badge holder. CPAM and HID technology allows us to grant access to those who need it, such as specific datacenter employees, without compromising the security of the datacenter.

Other Security Measures

Norwood Security provides our datacenter with an added layer of protection. Security guards walk the premises every hour to make sure there haven’t been any security breaches. In addition, security cameras closely monitor every inch of the datacenter.

Your Servers Are in Good Hands

A datacenter has two primary roles: to keep servers running at all times and to keep them safe. Data102 takes both roles seriously, which is why we have layers of protection in place. Set up a time with us to see our state-of-the-art datacenter and discuss our colocation and managed services.