Emergency Power Supplies

Gen1The best monitors, controls, and switches in the world are only relevant if the datacenter has power. While Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) generally delivers reliable, quality power, we don’t take chances with our servers.  Our electric generators provide yet another layer of redundancy and ensure that our infrastructure will stay powered even in the case of catastrophic power loss.

Always Standing By

We have one 500kW Cummins generator and one 500kW Kohler standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the automatic transfer switch (ATS) detects any irregularity in the power coming from CSU, the generators are immediately started, and power is transferred: a process that takes less than 11 seconds. The generators are fueled by a 1000 gallon tank, which will keep the generators running for several days. In the event that a power loss extends beyond that, Data102 has fuel contracts with local providers to make sure the tank never runs dry.

To ensure that the generators will fire at a moment’s notice, our maintenance team has numerous tests and protocols in place. Once a week, the generators are fired and allowed to run for half an hour to keep all of the systems lubricated and operational. Once a year, our maintenance team tests the generators’ output by load testing their capacity for an hour. The machines also receive regular oil changes, just like any other diesel engine, and oil temperature is kept at 110 degrees to keep the engines from bogging down as they get cranked up.  The batteries that start up the motors are also maintained religiously. These procedures guarantee immediate response time from our generators.

Data102 Takes Uptime Seriously

All of these systems have been put into place even though our datacenter has had very few power problems through the years.  Several summers ago, we experienced some rolling brownouts in the Colorado Springs metro area, and from time to time accidents or construction mishaps lead to a brief power outage. Despite this, Data102 has kept the power on and our client’s servers running.

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