Don’t Blink – SSD Powered VPS Hosting is Fast

SSD image

SSD image

Do you have a website getting trampled by high-traffic? Would you like to see an improvement in performance? An upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the power of solid state drives (SSD) can deliver the scalability and speed you need. SSDs were developed for a demanding environment, but how do you know you’re getting the resources you’re paying for? With a long history of providing hosting solutions, Data102 knows that high standards and good value matter to customers. Built to perform, Data102’s VPS service offers customizable and scalable resources as well as an ever-growing list of add-ons to help you succeed.


Why Solid State Drives?

An upgrade to SSD technology seemed inevitable because of its incomparable speed and dependability. It’s for just that reason that they are perfect for hosting content-heavy websites, even when they attract large volumes of traffic. Conventional hard drives are limited by their spinning disks, which can’t compete with the solid drive’s immediate data transfer. IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) often exceed 40,000 per node, which translates to less than 0.05 millisecond disk latency. To give you an idea of what that means: according to the Harvard Database of Useful Biological Numbers it takes 100-400 millisecond to blink!

A Smorgasbord of Hosting Features

Our SSD VPS plans offer extensive features and add-ons, including:


  • Instant upgrades
  • Choice of operating systems
  • 10 Gbps networking
  • Root access
  • Client dashboard
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring
  • Backups
  • cPanel
  • PFSense firewall
  • …and MORE!


Built to Perform

VPS hosting can feel more like a dedicated server with the ability to perform (brilliantly) under any workload. It’s our desire to provide you or your IT staff with the best tools available today. Online ordering, automatic provisioning and scalable resources are an added convenience as you reap the benefits of our SSD powered VPS hosting service. Protected storage, multi-carrier bandwidth and redundant power supplies are all standard and bring even more performance, as well as 100% uptime. Check out our Virtual Private Server page to learn more!



Six Things Your Datacenter Should Have

6ThingsAre you interested in finding a datacenter, but aren’t sure what you should be looking for? Here is a list of six important factors to consider in your search for colocation and other datacenter services.


1. Redundant Cooling – Servers are a whirring, hard-working bunch and when temperatures rise or fluctuate it can wear on hardware. Keeping a cool and consistent environment can take an amazing amount of effort and expense. To maintain this environment there are things like Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, raised flooring to evenly cool the cabinets, hot aisle containment, an outdoor misting system in the summer months to increase efficiency, monitoring of temperature and humidity, and regular, professional maintenance. Phew!

2. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – It’s not just a matter of inconvenience, many businesses rely on servers that are up and running without interruption. Down time can mean loss of sales, email, data access, and sanity. When all power is supplied via UPS, which is essentially a large cabinet of batteries, the switch to an alternate power source goes unnoticed should there be any reason that the city power plants can’t deliver power. All batteries should be tested regularly and replaced on schedule and as needed.

3. Generator Backed Power – Once the city power goes out, the UPS needs enough power to keep the datacenter running for a few minutes. This is plenty of time for the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to move the UPS over to generator power. These machines are primed and ready whenever they’re needed. This process only takes a matter of seconds and can prevent hours or days of picking up the pieces after a server outage. Of course, a supply of fuel and refueling contracts are important to keep the generators running as long as necessary until the city power is back on.

4. Physical Security – Access to your equipment should be limited and, preferably, monitored. You only want authorized personnel to access your equipment, whether with an assigned badge for 24×7 access into the building and datacenter or by checking out a temporary badge. Security systems put in place to capture and store footage of the datacenter, log all access and monitor datacenter activity are great standard security measures to have. All of the datacenter staff should get a thorough background check and training on security and privacy best practices.

5. Reliable Network Connectivity – You want a reliable, fast and high performance production network designed by certified engineers with uptime and quality in mind. Redundant hardware, BGP4 based routing tuned for performance, dedicated routers for peering to prevent carrier issues from affecting multiple services, direct peering with multiple Tier 1 carriers and regional exchanges – it also doesn’t hurt to have available HSRP and redundant internet connections from separate routers.

6. Annual Auditing of Policies and Procedures – Many datacenters strive to provide great services by holding themselves to high standards. Is there a way to find out who among them back up their claims of high standards, perhaps by providing a convenient report? Yes! Datacenters that apply for and pass SSAE 16 auditing are proven to have policies and standard procedures in place. SSAE 16 Type 2 auditing, performed annually, ensures that those policies and procedures are put into practice. Whenever a customer or prospective client asks for a copy of the audit report, we’re happy to provide it.

Data102 has done all of the above and we strive to improve, satisfying our customer’s requirements whenever possible.

Do you have any questions about our datacenter or any of our products and services? We’d love to hear from you!


Icyshout Chooses Data102 for Bandwidth, Colocation

Icyshout Logo

Icyshout, a leading provider of streaming radio service, announced today that it has signed an exclusive deal with Data102 for its backend infrastructure

icyshout-yeti-logo“Icyshout needs the best in scalable bandwidth, power, cooling and support to create the most effective, efficient streaming radio company. Data102 is the best at providing these services in our region, so it was a natural choice for us,” said Travis Taylor, President. By choosing Data102, Icyshout is able to leverage the outstanding bandwidth and facilities that Data102 operates at its multiple Colorado Springs datacenters to create the best possible user experience. “It’s the best bandwidth you can get in Colorado,” Mr. Taylor continued, stating further that there is no company in the front range that offers the wide scope of technical expertise that Data102 does.

“Icyshout really does fill a niche in our market, and does it extremely well. We are thrilled to have them as a partner,” said David Payne, CEO of Data102. “Nobody in Colorado Springs has the know-how, experience and strategic leadership to pull this off — except them,” he continued. Data102 gains an important ally in Icyshout, as the streaming radio industry is a large consumer of bandwidth and IT services. “Having Icyshout choose Data102 for their streaming services adds to our competitive edge by helping us scale our bandwidth product,” resulting in lower costs and continued buying power.

Icyshout also brings local dollars to the Colorado Springs region. “We’re very focused on being a local company, with local values” said Mr. Taylor, continuing “We’re glad that we can partner with the best local datacenter to provide our services.”

About Icyshout

Founded in 2009, Icyshout has expanded its IT Services offerings to include streaming radio, web & email hosting, anti-spam services, virtual servers and backups. Icyshout has the staff, experience and critical business partnerships to provide superior customer service and uninterrupted availability of critical services to its customers. Guided by a strong moral compass and a powerful work ethic, Icyshout uses critical evaluation, diligence, and a deep bench to provide efficient, scalable IT solutions to businesses.

About Data102

Data102 ( is leading a change in the regional datacenter market, providing a high-quality, highly available managed environment to prevent and mitigate the damage of disasters. With new products including Virtualization, state-of-the-art storage technology, clustering, and backups, paired with its strong existing presence in the colocation and bandwidth spaces, Data102 brings nationally competitive service to the front range.