Data102 Partners with Apple to Bolster Local Service

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The latest in a series of big moves for leading Colorado Springs datacenter

applelogoData102 announced today that it has directly peered with Apple to improve service for Colorado Springs businesses and residents. Data102’s customers will be able to use popular Apple services like iTunes, Apple TV, iCloud, and iLife with much less latency and connectivity issues than are common with some other colocation service providers.

“We’ve already seen the benefits,” said Randal Kohutek, Data102 Operations VP. “Traffic is taking a shorter path, with lower latency. Not only does this provide better service to Apple users, it also opens up capacity on the network for general use. It’s a win-win for all of our customers.”

Data102 was able to improve service by connecting directly with IPv4 and next generation IPv6 Apple networks in Denver and Los Angeles. The direct links and redundant networking mean less lag for users and a better experience overall.

“As an Apple user myself,” noted Kohutek, “I’m glad to offer such a high level of service to our new and existing customers—something no one else in our market can.”

This is the second major partnership announced by Data102 this year. In May, they announced a deal with Netflix that dramatically improved streaming from the entertainment giant and opened up bandwidth for all users. And they aren’t done yet.

Kohutek concludes, “I look forward to finding and peering with relevant content providers to continue to push the envelope on what our customers can expect from their network.”

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