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Customer Service Technician

About the Job

Customer Support Technician I


At Data102, we take customer service and rockstar support to heart. It is the #1 thing that we offer to our customers, above products and bits and bytes – service is everything. If you’re reading this, you may have heard that Data102 is pretty much the best place to work ever. Oh, you haven’t? Let’s dig in.


Words can’t describe how killer this position is. A CST is an all-encompassing role. The front-line, ace-in-the-hole, knows-it-all. A CST has great critical thinking skills, can detect a customer’s problem before the phone rings and knows how to kick it when the time is right. A CST recognizes and treats a customer as a friend and a partner. A CST is flexible and will be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means stepping outside of typical duties to make things right, and it means expanding your horizons with new technologies, 24/7.



Job Responsibilities

  • Make friends with customers on the phone, troubleshoot their issues and keep them engaged.
  • Collaborate on projects/problems/solutions/designs with coworkers
  • Follow up on issues via e-mail, ticketing system, phone calls and chat interfaces with our customers.
  • Escalate the hard-core stuff as necessary to technically experienced teammates, and follow up to learn for the next time that issue comes around.

Cool things you’ll get to do

  • Work with cutting edge technology in the virtualization field
  • Learn all about the ins & outs of cloud hosting everything
  • Become a VoIP ninja
  • Become a competent Linux sysadmin
  • Spend a lot of time investigating interesting tools & technologies
  • Have a say and participate in product & process development

Job Requirements

There is no such thing as a perfect employee, but, we all try! We value attitude and heart above all things, but here are some things that will make you stand out.

  • Previous technical experience, *especially* if you have any Linux experience (self-taught is OK!)
  • Understanding how IPs, Email, & Websites work, and being able to explain it to a 5 year old ELI5.
  • Helpdesk & ticketing experience a plus.
  • Ability and desire to learn, adapt, and grow. Like a mongoose. But faster.