Data102 Turns Up Peering With CoreSite’s Any2 Exchange

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The Colorado Springs datacenter announces direct peering with Any2, the second largest Internet peering exchange in the USA and the largest Internet exchange on the west coast. Peering, or connecting separate networks in order to exchange IP traffic, will increase traffic capacity, routing control and overall performance and efficiency

any2-exchange-77603521“Data102’s decision to peer with Any2 in Los Angeles is going to yield benefits for the clients at our Colorado Springs datacenter,” states Randal Kohutek, Operations Director at Data102, “by peering with Any2, Data102’s network will be faster and more stable, improving latency and fault tolerance.”

Peering, in the realm of computer networking, is when a connection is established between administratively separate networks. The purpose of peering is to exchange IP traffic between those networks. Peering benefits both companies involved in the interconnection, as it increases the routing control. Moreover, the users of each network participating in the exchange will benefit since peering increases a network’s capacity and increases overall performance, decreasing the amount of network hops for a direct connection to more routes.

Colorado datacenter Data102 is peering with Any2, the largest Internet Exchange on the west coast and the second largest Internet peering exchange in the United States. Any2 is a layer 2, IPv6-supporting, physical network switch that streamlines the exchange of Internet traffic between Internet service providers (ISPs) and content networks. Any2 is owned and operated by CoreSite and has over 200 participants locally and internationally.

Data102 is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service, which is why, in addition to peering, power and cooling are combined with top-rated technology in order to drive both of the Data102 datacenters. Data102’s Colorado colocation is designed to further fulfill business IT needs, implementing a fast and reliable network that is up and running at least 99.999 percent of the time.

In addition to a fast and stable network aided by peering with CoreSite’s Any2 switch, Data102 remains up-to-date with frequent technical upgrades, and offers a range of IT products and services for various businesses throughout Colorado and beyond.

Data102 is a Colorado Springs IT services provider and datacenter. The company is proud to be able to offer products and services such as managed firewalls, hosting, collocation and bandwidth. The team at Data102 is proud to be able to deliver affordability, reliability and flexibility, as well as an unparalleled level of customer service. For more information about Data102 LLC, visit


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Data102 Acquires CIT Colocation Customers

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Data102, Colorado Springs’ leading provider of colocation and bandwidth services, is please to announce that it has acquired the colocation and dedicated services division of CIT Internet, Inc, also of Colorado Springs

Signed in mid-June, Data102 and CIT Internet entered into a definitive agreement for Data102 to take ownership of CIT Internet’s colocation, last mile and dedicated server customers. “Working with CIT Internet to accomplish this has been very smooth and we’re pleased that the customer base has responded very positively,” said Data102 Director of Business Development Travis Taylor. Data102 successfully migrated CIT’s the acquired customers to their own datacenter facilities by mid-July, and were pleased to offer them a fully integrated management portal.


CIT Internet had a strategic plan to exit the market. “We have long positioned ourselves to be able to hand off the various aspects of our business when it makes sense. For colocation, that time is now,” said CIT President John Messec. This move allows CIT to focus on other aspects of its operation like wireless broadband service. “We’re also glad that at the same time, we now have a strategic partner for our colocation and bandwidth needs,” Mr. Messec added.