Colorado Springs Datacenter Partners With Cisco For New High-Tech Security System

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Colorado Springs datacenter, Data102, has announced partnership with Cisco to expand on existing security measures. Physical security measures have been increased on location for further compliance with security standards

CiscoColorado Springs datacenter, Data102, is partnering with Cisco, a global leader in security and networking, in order to provide another layer of protection for their client’s equipment and sensitive data.

Data102 has been offering secure colocation services for years, with physical security gaining in popularity as more companies see the benefit of such a barrier. Data102’s staff members are trained to insure the highest security standards and close monitoring for any potential threats. Physical security is a necessity in order to avoid malicious invaders. This Colorado datacenter’s physical security is maintained in compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and SSAE16 datacenter standards.

The people managing the systems are just as integral to security as the hardware and software. Travis Taylor, the Director of Business Development, explains that, “All of our physical security measures are monitored around the clock by our experienced staff which guarantees a strong line of defense against even the most dangerous intruders.” The Data102 staff is available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer queries or fix problems, ensuring security is maintained at all times.

Physical access to the Colorado Springs location has been entirely revamped with the installation of a Cisco Physical Access Manager. In keeping with the standards that have been set for SSAE16 datacenters, physical security is closely monitored. As you would expect, video and access information is logged for any visitor that enters the datacenters, but access to other areas is now being monitored as well. Employee office space and conference areas are restricted so that only those with an access badge may enter. Visitors may be allowed inside the facility with limited access and are escorted by a staff member at all times.

A Colorado Springs datacenter and IT services provider, Data102 offers products and services such as managed firewalls, Virtual Private Servers, anti-spam services, backups, colocation and bandwidth. In addition to affordability, reliability and flexibility, Data102 offers unparalleled customer service and technical support. For more information about Data102 LLC, visit


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