SPAM Protection – Is It Necessary?

spam-protectionUnfortunately, spam is still a constant source of frustration for individuals and companies that rely on email to do business. In an article in Wired, Gmail spam expert Brad Taylor explained the problem: “It costs $3,000 to rent a botnet and send out 100 million messages … It takes only 30 Viagra orders to pay for that.”

The article adds that as long as even a small percentage of people actually buy something from a spam ad—which they do—we will all keep getting non-stop spam in our inbox. While most spam is easy to identify, much of it is cleverly disguised as harmless email. A link in such an email may lead an unsuspecting user to pornographic sites or viruses.

For this reason, spam protection is absolutely necessary in order for businesses or individuals to avoid needless and potentially costly distractions in their email accounts.

What can be done? There are a number of anti-spam solutions that are available to consumers. One solution is a spam filtering service for email, which will monitor all incoming email to detect and prevent spam from getting into your Inbox. A similar service is a filtration system that is devoted to preventing viruses from attacking a computer and any networks to which it is connected.

“Store and forward” is another great way to avoid problems if a mail server or network goes down. This service will store your email on a local server for up to five days if the destination server is unavailable. Email recipients will appreciate a “smart relay host” service to ensure that they are not sending family members, friends, or businesses spam or viruses.

The fact of the matter is most email addresses receive spam every day. Over time, spammers have become better at disguising spam to look like legitimate emails. Users who accidentally click on a link in a spam email could be putting not just their own computer at risk but even those in the local network. If computers in a network become infected, it can cost a business a lot of money in repairs and productivity.

An established and reliable antispam solution for these and other problems is DirectMX by Data102. Data102 understands the best way to protect customers from malicious email and offers a dependable spam filtering service and other effective spam solutions. Take a look at our anti-spam solutions page for more information.

Spam protection can provide people and businesses the peace of mind that they need when they are checking email accounts. If you want to secure your network, contact Data102 and let us discuss the array of solutions we have to offer.


Data102 – Southern Colorado’s Largest Public Colocation Service Provider Partners with Roaring Penguin to Permanently CAN Spam

Roaring Penguin Logo

New case study: Roaring Penguin’s CanIt anti-spam solution. Data102’s search for an intelligent and easy-to-use email filter is over!

roaring_penguinBased out of Colorado Springs, Data102 has worked steadily to become Colorado’s most reliable public provider of Colocation Services and bandwidth serving thousands of customers across the United States. At its two SSAE16 compliant datacenters, Data102 is able to boast better than 99.999% uptime.

To maintain numbers like that it only makes sense that Director of Business Development Travis Taylor and his team would battle spam the same way they have built their business: by focusing on reliability, expertise, quality and innovation.

Who says Penguins aren’t pretty?

Previously, Data102 used an internally fabricated platform to weed out spam but as business grew they realized it would be more efficient to leverage a commercially developed solution.

Some research turned up Roaring Penguin and the CanIt-Domain-PRO antispam solution. As Travis, Randal and their engineers considered the CanIt solution they developed a dialogue with the team at Roaring Penguin. Says Randal, “We could see from the specs that there were a lot of very smart features but it was in talking to them that we realized they were ‘Technology people’, like us.”

The implementation of CanIt-Domain-PRO at Data102 commenced internally and externally at the same time. Says Randal, “We use the same platform as our customers — we believe in taking our own medicine.” One of the advantages of this philosophy is that it allowed the team at Data102 to find and correct unexpected hiccups immediately. This combined with Roaring Penguin’s dedication to after-sale customer support meant that Data102 has been able to expand the application of CanIt-Domain-PRO beyond an initial two-server installation to the current six-server system plus a dedicated outbound email scanner and redundant databases “without skipping a beat and while entirely live and in production,” continues Randal.

Roaring Penguin’s focus on working WITH customers allows for higher customer satisfaction all around!

Travis and Randal have been very happy with the CanIt results so far. Randal is thrilled that, since they rolled out CanIt, the support crew hasn’t had a single spam-related support ticket. Randal says, “Right now we’re processing 130k to 160k emails per day and we’re sure we could do ten times that amount without changing a thing.”

Travis’s review is even more glowing, “The only thing previous products did for us consistently was crash. CanIt-Domain-PRO offers all kinds of killer features but the ease and power of the delegation and permission options is truly our silver bullet to block spam.”

Preserve Your Brand Integrity

Data102 was able to theme its implementation of CanIt-Domain-PRO (branded as directMX) to match its corporate branding and colors.

A Family Thing

As a rapidly growing company, Data102 offers various managed service options to its data center customers. Small and medium sized businesses as well as residential customers looking for Data102 style support, expertise and service are increasingly turning to partner company Simpleworks (, a full service MSP offering everything from in 24/7 tech support to VoIP services — and of course utilizing CanIt-Domain-PRO.

“Roaring Penguin speaks the same language as its customers. CanItDomainPRO is designed by Technology people for Technology people.” -Randal Kohutek, Director of Network Operations, Data102.

About Data102

  • Type: Hosting Solutions provider.
  • Infrastructure: Two SSAE16 compliant data centers.
  • Speed: 4 X 1Gbps and 1 X 10Gbps incoming data pipes from 5 different reliable suppliers help guarantee and maintain customer up-time.

Email Environment and Use

  • Dell Servers.
  • CanIt-Domain-PRO antispam filter branded as “directMX

CanIt Results

  • Process 130-160k emails per day.
  • 80% of spam stopped while using CanIt’s basic settings 97% success rate in identifying spam.
  • Saves support staff hours.
  • Thorough anti-spam control for all clients and staff.
  • Minimal administrative involvement is required.

“Roaring Penguin speaks the same language as its customers. CanItDomainPRO is designed by Technology people for Technology people.” Randal Kohutek, Director of Network Operations, Data102.

About Roaring Penguin

Roaring Penguin Software Inc.:

The e-mail filtering experts. We are committed to providing intelligent, cost-effective solutions to Web Hosts, ISPs, enterprises, and campuses. Our acclaimed mail-filtering and networking products include MIMEDefang e-mail inspection software and CanIt enterprise anti-spam solutions. Red Hat 8, 9 and RHEL are Tier-1 platforms for CanIt.


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