Data102 Peers with Netflix to Improve Local Streaming Service

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Colorado Springs data center announces private peering with the Internet’s largest video streaming company

NetflixData102 announced today that they have peered with streaming giant Netflix to bring faster service to southern Colorado residents. As demand for video streaming has increased dramatically over the last few years, so has the need for adequate bandwidth to accommodate the massive amounts of data being used, especially in the evenings, as more and more people stay home to watch movies and their favorite TV shows.

Netflix has 35.65 million subscribers in the US alone who spend over 1 billion hours per month streaming video. A lot of bandwidth is necessary to meet that demand. “What we have found,” said Randal Kohutek, Operations Director at Data102,” is that we can provide our customers with a faster connection during peak hours by working directly with Netflix instead of going through a backbone carrier like AT&T or Level3.” To accomplish this, Data102 has run a 10 gigabit connection straight to Netflix, which means Data102 customers will see uninterrupted streaming—even during evenings midweek when demand spikes.

This private peering deal with Netflix is the latest example of Data102’s willingness to make big investments in infrastructure to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Data102 is southernColorado’s leading data center and IT service provider. They are focused on providing the highest level of service possible, which they continue to do with private peering, state-of-the-art power and cooling systems, top-rated technology, and frequent technical upgrades. In a quickly changing digital landscape, Data102 consistently meets the expanding needs of its customers by making the investments necessary to ensure fast, reliable internet service and unparalleled customer service.

About Data102
Data102 is a Colorado data center and IT services provider. The company offers products and services such as managed firewalls, hosting, collocation and bandwidth. The team at Data102 is proud to be able to deliver affordability, reliability and flexibility, as well as an unparalleled level of customer service. For more information about Data102 LLC, visit


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