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Data102's hosted handset service is the perfect solution to replace your business' existing phone system. With a low monthly cost, no term contract, and unlimited calling, hosted handsets are an easy way to add modern telephony to your organization - without breaking the bank. Take a look at the highlights of hosted handsets outlined below, or check out the comprehensive features list.

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Unlimited calling

Unlimited Domestic Calling

Call as much as you want, 24/7/365 within the continental United States at no additional charge.

No contracts

No Contracts

There’s no need to sign a lengthy contract. Our hosted handset phone service is provided to you on a month-to-month basis, so you will have the flexibility to adjust your service at any time.

Scalable and flexible service

Scalable & Flexible

Add or remove phone lines, handsets, IVRs, and more through our convenient online portal. Our platform can easily change to meet your current business needs - whatever they may be!

Integrated EFax

Integrated eFax included

With a hosted handset from Data102 there is no need to purchase an additional costly fax-to-email solution. All your phone and fax needs can be handled in one place with our convenient low cost platform.

Cloud based PBX

Cloud PBX, location agnostic service

Hosted handset from Data102 gives you the flexibility and reliability that can only come from a cloud hosted service, and it works from almost anywhere there is a stable Internet connection!

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We offer instant signup and activation online! Pick your service and get started today!

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