Hosted SIP Trunks Let You BYOD

Do you have a phone system at your office that you would like move away from those expensive local phone providers? Our SIP trunks can be used with any device that can recognize Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This includes systems like Cisco UC/CME, Avaya, Microsoft Lync, Mitel, NEC, Shortel, Asterisk-Everything, and more! Bring your own device and hook it up to a Hosted SIP Trunk from Data102 today.

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No contract

No contract

There’s no need to sign a lengthy contract. Our Hosted SIP service is provided to you month-to-month.



Start with a single SIP Trunk and add more as you need them. Our Hosted SIP Trunk service can be scaled up and down each month to meet your current calling requirements.


Low Cost Termination

Competitive low cost local and long distance (USA) termination starting at $0.0144 per minute.


International VoIP Termination

Call anywhere in the world, without restriction, when you connect over VoIP with a Hosted SIP Trunk from Data102.

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SIP Trunk Features

low cost minutes of use domestic and international

Ultra Low Rates

Super low cost termination and origination nationwide, optional flat rate plans, and more!

redundant sip routing

Redundant Routing

Our VoIP platform contains integrated failover and redundancy across multiple SIP routers and media anchors to ensure uptime.

redundant sip routing

Upstream Carriers

Data102 does business with multiple upstream carriers to ensure fantastic availability and incredibly low rates.

e911 support


Every phone number provided by data102 includes 100% compliant e911 support.

phone numbers from anywhere


Get and use phone numbers from pretty much everywhere! Get a business presence with a local number in every city.

codec support g711 g722 t38


We support multiple codecs to meet your requirements, including G.711, G.729, G.722, T.38, and more!

native e164 everywhere

e.164 everywhere

Our platform is native e.164 everywhere - no conversions, billing shenanigans or fixups for routing!

pay as you go


Our SIP trunks are built such that you only pay for what you use, facilitating your growth and seasonal requirements.

Compatible With Everything!

100% Microsoft Lync compatible

Microsoft Lync Ready

Our service is ready to go out of the box for Lync, including TCP-based sessions - use a gateway or not, your choice!

Cisco Call Manager and Express

Call Manager & Express

Data102 SIP trunks integrate seamlessly with Cisco Unified Call Manager and Call Manager Express.

pay as you go

Asterisk & Freeswitch

We have fantastic integration with Asterisk, Freeswitch and their derivatives like Shoretel, FreePBX, Digium & more.

Mitel PBX Interop


We have great interop with Mitel PBXs, and partner with a local vendor to provide a supported, money-saving integration solution.

Cisco Unified Border Element

Cisco CUBE

Our services are 100% interoperable with Cisco's Unified Border Element Hardware

Integrate with any SIP compliant system

Everything Else

We haven't found anything that won't work! If it talks SIP, give it a shot, or give us a call, we can probably make it work!

Leverage Existing Investment & Save with Trunks

Cisco Integrated Access Device

Cisco Equipment

We leverage our vast Cisco experience and utilize the Cisco Integrated Access Devices to convert our SIP service into a format compatible with your system.

Drop in replacement with less configuration

Zero configuration

We match our service to whatever we are replacing, offering straightforward setup & drop-in replacement. You don't have to mess with SIP and VoIP - it just works!

Replace your PRI with voip

PRI Replacement

Our hardware hands off a standard ISDN PRI to your equipment, making for a zero-configuration conversion to cash-saving VoIP service.

Replace your phone lines with voip

POTS Lines

Our hardware is able to cleanly deliver voice, fax, and modem lines to your premises, offering you an easy way to replace 2-wire infrastructure, saving time and money.

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